Youth Ambassadors

The Youth Ambassador Program gives CYS members the opportunity to explore arts advocacy skills through acts of service that help turn members into lifelong supporters of the arts.

Program Details:

  • All activities are tracked in the Ambassador Form by the CYS Manager.
  • Members are responsible for submitting their activities via the Ambassador Form by the deadline March 28.
  • Members earn service points by completing acts of Engagement, Volunteerism, and Support, during the CYS season.
  • Ambassadors at each level will be recognized from the stage at the Spring Concert.
  • Pins are awarded for each level at the Spring Fling and can be worn with Concert Dress at the Spring Concert.
Red Ambassadors Blue Ambassadors Green Ambassadors Gold Ambassadors
3 services/season 8 services/season 12 services/season 16 services/season

Example Qualifying Activities