Youth Ambassadors

The Youth Ambassador Program gives CSOYO the opportunity to explore arts advocacy skills through acts of service that help turn YO members into lifelong supporters of the arts.

Program Details:

  • Participation is limited to current YO members.
  • All activities are coordinated and tracked by the CSOYO Manager.
  • Members are responsible for scheduling and providing their own transportation to activities.
  • Members earn service points by completing acts of Attendance, Volunteerism, Support, and Engagement during each concert cycle.
  • Ambassadors at each level will be recognized in concert programs and from the stage at concerts.
  • Pins are awarded for each level near the end of each concert cycle and can be worn with Concert Dress and to rehearsals.


Red Ambassadors Blue Ambassadors Green Ambassadors
3 services/season 8 services/season 12 services/season


Examples of Qualifying Activities:

Attendance Volunteer Support Engagement
Attend a CSO Concert, check in on social media Volunteer at CSO Petting Zoo Event Make a Thank You Video Invite a fellow musician to YO Open House
Attend a local concert, check in on social media or bring back a program Buddy Program: Participate in a 1-hr mentor session with your Buddy Write a thank you note to a CSOYO Donor Have your parents attend the YO Parent Meeting
Attend YO Meetup at a CSO Masterworks Concert or YO Wednesday Volunteer at CSOYO Auditions Raise money for the CSOYO through a personal fundraising event (2 servs) Have your parents attend a YO Open Rehearsal Night
Attend at CSOYO Social Event Volunteer at a CSO Event or concert Share your YO story via video or social media Serve on the YO Student Panel
  Play in a chamber ensemble at a non-YO event Act as an official CSOYO Recruiter at a school  


2022-2023 Service Award Deadlines:

Please complete your reports by these dates in order to be considered for service credits:

  • Fall Concert: October 27, 2021
  • Winter Concert: Feb. 23, 2022
  • Spring Concert: April 27, 2022