Chamber Players

At the beginning of the season and mid-season, Symphony members may apply for placement in the Chamber Players. Ensembles will be formed by Music Director, Ismael Sandoval, based on:

  • Skill level of the musician
  • Available repertoire
  • Chair seating
  • CSOYO attendance record
  • Conductor’s recommendation

Typically ensembles consist of a String ensemble, a Woodwind Quintet, and a Brass Quintet. Other ensembles may be formed at the Music Director’s discretion based on interest.

Expectations: Each chamber ensemble will be assigned a professional musician as a coach, and will rehearse on Monday evenings from 4:45 – 5:45 PM, prior to regularly scheduled CSOYO rehearsals. Coaches may schedule additional rehearsals as needed. Attendance is mandatory.

Performances: Ensembles will perform prior to selected CSO concerts during the season, and on concerts at the end of each semester, in December and April.  Occasionally, ensembles will be invited to play for other organizations in town as ensemble members are available, which provides great experience for the musicians and community exposure for the CSOYO. There is no additional charge to participate in a chamber ensemble.


Interested musicians in Symphony can complete the application form below.

CSOYO Chamber Players Interest Form
Please complete this form if you are interested in participating in a Chamber Ensemble. Chamber Players must attend chamber ensemble rehearsals on Mondays from 4:45 - 5:45 PM, prior to your regular rehearsal. All rehearsals are mandatory. Thank you. Currently Chamber Players are only open to Symphony Members.