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The staff of the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera is committed to providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all patrons.  In keeping in line with the Tennessee Arts Commission’s objective of expanding accessibility, participation, and inclusion in the arts, the CSO strives to make our performances as inclusive as possible.  Our major performance venues (the Tivoli Theatre, Memorial Auditorium, Read House, and Volkswagen Conference Center) are ADA compliant. When purchasing tickets, please let the CSO Box Office know of any accommodations we can make to make your experience enjoyable.

CSO Accessibility Policy

Accessible seating

All of the CSO’s venues offer wheelchair accessible seating and companion seating.  When purchasing tickets, please notify the box office if you wish to purchase accessible seats.  Please be aware that all accessible locations require patrons to navigate ramps between parking, the lobbies, the restrooms, and the theatres.  Tickets are subject to availability.

Wheelchair storage

Based on your individual needs and preferences, you may also elect to transfer to a theatre seat from a walker, wheelchair, or scooter. Due to fire codes, unoccupied walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters will be stored outside the theatre entrance and can be retrieved to you at any time.

Accessible restrooms

Accessible restrooms are located on the first floor of the Tivoli Theatre.  Accessible restrooms are also located on the performance floors at the Read House and the Volkswagen Conference Center. For assistance locating these restrooms, please see an usher or CSO staff.

Assistive Listening Devices

Infrared Assistive Listening System Devices are available at the Tivoli Theatre and Memorial Auditorium. Please ask an usher or CSO staff for a receiver.


Both the Tivoli Theatre and the Read House have elevators to the 2nd floor.  Elevators at the Read House are located across from the main desk.  Elevators at the Tivoli are located backstage and require navigating two ramps.  For assistance at the Tivoli, please see an usher or CSO staff member.  Performances at the Volkswagen Conference Center are on the first floor and do not require an elevator.

Automatic doors

Automatic doors are available at each venue.  At the Tivoli Theatre, automatic doors are on the north side of the main entrance, closest to 7th Street.

Sensory friendly experiences

Most CSO concerts do not include sudden light changes or other sensory experiences.  However, frequently, there are musical shifts and extreme sounds which may be an unwelcome surprise for some patrons.  If you find you need to exit the theatre or venue, please feel free to do so. The Tivoli Theatre and Volkswagen Conference Center offer comfortable lounges directly outside the theatre entrance and the Read House offers several quiet spaces on the performance floor.  Please see an usher or CSO staff member for additional assistance.