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Giving Tuesday

It was her range of notes that caused all the commotion.
With one breath she sounded like rain,
Sprinkling high notes in the morning sun.
And with the next she was thunder, resounding deep in a dark sky.

when-marian-sang“Everyone wanted to hear Marian sing”.

Our 2016/17 Symphonic Tales book tells the incredible story of contralto Marian Anderson who grew up singing and challenged a nation with her voice.

This season, to celebrate Music in Our Schools Month, the CSO will partner with volunteers and schools throughout February and March to celebrate music through story.  Volunteers will head into schools, read the story of When Marian Sang: The True Recital of Marian Anderson, and present the book to the music teacher to keep.

Your gift of $12.00 will purchase one book for a local elementary school.

Donate here

“But can I give more?” you ask.  Of course! We’re aiming for 100 books and your gift will help in purchasing those books and other materials for the day.

Want to show your support to a particular school – done! List the school in the donation form and we’ll be sure your name is included in that school’s book.

For more information about the CSO’s celebration of Music in Our Schools’ Month, visit the CSO MIOSM page.

 Interested in volunteering your time?
We’d love to you join us as a reader.  Please give us your information and we’ll be in contact.

For more information about Giving Tuesday and #CHAgives, visit the #CHAgives website.