YO Buddies

The CSOYO wants to make sure each member in their first year with the CSOYO feels welcome, connected, and understands the CSOYO culture. We offer an optional buddy program called YO Buddies to any new members who sign up.

Returning CSOYO members are invited to become mentors for new members and will be paired with them to welcome them, acclimate them to the YO, and be available for questions throughout the year. YO Buddies will be paired in the same orchestra whenever possible. Planned activities and check-ins will be scheduled for each concert cycle, with additional contact on a voluntary basis.

Participation is optional but members (new and returning) will receive credit in the YO Ambassador Program when they complete the required number of contacts with their YO Buddy. YO Buddy Mentors will be given a few suggested topics to cover in each contact. Mentors will be required to submit a short report after each scheduled contact. Additional contacts can be made as needed any time during the season.

If you are a new Member and would like a Buddy, or a returning member who would like to apply to be a YO Buddy Mentor complete an application. Applications will be made available soon.