The audition application for the 2023-2024 season opened on April 15, 2023 and will close June 1, 2023. All auditions will be held through the acceptd platform.


Below are more specific requirements for each group.

1. Skill Level

The CYS has four orchestras. Students must select a specific orchestra to audition for based on their individual level of skill and experience. Applicants who are not chosen for their selected orchestra may be considered for membership in a different orchestra. (We encourage applicants to consult with their teacher or director for assistance in selecting the correct orchestra to audition for.

Prelude (strings only): 1-2 years of experience. A student in prelude should able to read music in the first position (Bass: first and third position) on all four strings (Bass: G and D strings) in the key of C major, G major, and D major. A student should know quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes, and whole notes. Bowing techniques are slurs, accents, and some hooked bowings.  (Suzuki book or equivalent: end of book 1)

Etude (strings only): 2-3 years of experience. A student in etude should know first and extended position for cello. First and third position for violin, viola, and bass. Keys are D major, G major, A major, C major, and F major. A student should know quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes, whole notes, sixteenth notes, simple dotted rhythms, triplets, and some syncopation. Bowing Techniques include: ties, spicatto, hooked bowings, tremolo, and accents. (Suzuki book or equivalent : middle of book 2 to book 3)

Philharmonic (strings only): Intermediate level (Suzuki book or equivalent: end of book 3 to book 4)

Symphony (all instruments):  Advanced level

Students younger than 12 who wish to audition for either Symphony or Philharmonic must submit a recommendation letter via the application process from their private music teacher or school instrumental teacher prior to their audition.

Audition Periods

Spring Auditions are held annually in late spring. All new applicants and returning members must audition. Spring Auditions auditions also serve as the initial seating auditions for each orchestra.

Late Auditions are held after Spring Auditions, closer to the start of the season. Late auditionees are placed at the end of their section and will not be eligible to audition for Principal.

Vacancies within orchestras will be posted on the application site later in the season at the discretion of the conductors. Any new members interested in potentially filling a vacancy must complete an application, pay the audition fee, and audition for a panel.