Kayoko Dan Conducting Scholarship

Each season, one student receives the opportunity to study conducting under the direction of CSO Music Director Kayoko Dan.

Scholarship recipients receive: 

  • $500 Scholarship 
  • Seven lessons with CSO Music Director Dan during the 2019/20 season
  • Access to CSO rehearsals conducted by Dan and by other conductors (with their permission)
  • One ticket to all Masterworks and Chamber Series concerts during the 2019/20 season

What you will learn:

  • Score studying
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Rehearsal technique
  • Orchestra operations


  • Must be a college (undergraduate or graduate) music student in the Chattanooga area
  • Proficiency in English

Application Process:

  • Due April 1
  • Notification by May 1
  • Submit the Online Application Form (at the bottom of this page) that includes the following:
    • Resume
    • Supporting material
      • Link to a conducting video preferred
      • If none available, video/audio of a performance on your main instrument is acceptable
    • Include the link to a video answering the following questions:
      • Introduce yourself: name, college you attend, your major, etc.
      • Why do you want this scholarship? How will this scholarship help your career?
      • What do you want to learn from this experience?
  • Letter of Recommendation (have your reference send it directly to amorgan@chattanoogasymphony.org)


Submissions are currently closed for the Kayoko Dan Conducting Scholarship.