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Bob Bernhardt, conductor & music director Helena Binder, stage director Elise Quagliata, Carmen Richard Troxell, Don José Jennifer Goode Cooper, Micaëla Gregory Gerbrandt, Escamillo Set in southern Spain, Bizet’s classic opera centers on Carmen, a beautiful and fiery gypsy girl who seduces Don José, a straight-laced soldier in the army. The tale that unfolds is one of passion, obsession, and spurned love. Carmen has become a worldwide operatic phenomenon and is a favorite among long-time opera enthusiasts and those new to opera.

“The music is glorious and sensual, the story is timelessly tragic, and it’s a vocal and orchestral tour de force, filled with famous melodies and glorious ensembles. Carmen is breathtakingly beautiful, and completely unforgettable!” - Bob Bernhardt, Principal Pops Conductor & Music Director Emeritus

Opera Ambassadors

We would like to thank the following patrons for generously supporting the CSO's upcoming production of Carmen. Ms. Karen Kruesi Mrs. Eugenia Allderdice Mr. and Mrs. David Pope Dr. and Mrs. Morrow Chamberlain Mary Bricker-Jenkins Drs. Jeffrey and Monica Gefter Mr. Jack Barker Ms. Jo Coke Ms. Kathy Allison Mr. Don McDowell Mrs. Mary McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Dan Williams Mr. and Mrs. Max Bahner Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Knoll Mr. Leonard Murray Mrs. Claire Binder Mrs. Jacqueline Marschak Ms. Martha Mackey Ms. Martha Mackey Ms. Rita Heckrotte Nelson & Deanne Irvine Nelson & Deanne Irvine in memory of Joel Williams (Bill) Murchison Mrs. Pat Starke Mrs. Peggy Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Siskin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Earl Dr. and Mrs. Clifton R. Cleaveland Ms. Sharon Mills Ms. Sue Anne Wells Mr. and Mrs. Wade Brickhouse Mr. Robert Thomas Wolfe Mr. William A. Royer   For more information about the opera ambassador program, please contact Rebekah B. Cheney at
Carmen is sponsored in part by:

William L. Montague Jr. Performing Arts Fund

Tivoli Theatre
Thursday, April 11, 2019 07:30 PM
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Tivoli Theatre
Saturday, April 13, 2019 07:30 PM
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